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Welcome to AHobbyStore.com! There’s no where else you would want to go but here! Why? Because we’re not asking you for your information. We’re asking you to save money  by going through us!

The story behind this website, is dedicated to Mary Ann Mary Ann Striffler, she was a daughter, wife, sister, and most of all she was an amazing grandmother to many children. Where she taught so many people, so many qualities of life. Including myself (Jim Couts) the one that dedicates this website to my lovely grandmother that raised me from wee-high on upwards into life!

She was the perfect all around hobbyist that understood the quality of living life to it’s fullest by supporting everyone’s dreams and goals! Her passion of teaching and empowering four daughters, then myself was enough in itself to stand out from the rest of the crowd. She would always remind me until I got old enough to understand, “Treat others way better than you would want to be treated”. To this day, her words of empowerment has taught me very well the qualities in life. So I’m dedicating this site of hobbies to her! She passed away on July 3, 1993 from a long battle of diabetes that in the end, took her life and gave me a new life to turn it around and help others. Just like she helped me while growing up!

Mary Ann
She’s on the far left.

If she was here today in-person, I would so want to teach her PHP, Python, Perl, C#.net, VB.net, Java, JavaScript and so many other languages in programming! She heard me say to her the day I learnt LISP back in Junior High when AutoCAD first came out, “I really love this work, and one day I’ll be able to make my own program”. The most excited times in life while growing up, are what drives me today. If she’s not here with us today in-person. I know she embedded within my heart one great value. That’s giving you the same thing she would of done. Saving you from trying to find whatever it is you’re looking for. She had a passion for helping others save money, time and overall keep them empowered to succeed!

I will keep filling this page with my story and why AHobbyStore.com exists today since July 3, 2016!